Revert Hair Transplant Centre Dehradun

Revert Hair Transplant Centre Dehradun is the only Centre in Uttarakhand to use the world's most advanced FEATHER TOUCH TECHNOLOGY for hair transplant. You can get maximum hairs in a single day with maximum hair growth. Revert Hair Transplant Centre Dehradun is owned by Dr. Amit Singh who is a qualified, experienced, & registered hair transplant surgeon who is doing hair transplant in Dehradun with the most advanced FEATHER TOUCH TECHNOLOGY for maximum hair growth. You will be personally examined by Dr. Amit Singh himself and treatment given according to your hair condition.

Revert Hair Transplant Clinic is competent enough to embellish your entire personality as it is well-known as a best hair transplant clinic in Dehradun. We have arrived with the goal of transformation of looks of the entire human race. The motive of serving people with hair transplant in Dehradun is to endow the excellent treatments within the affordable cost. This is not a mere statement but we perform on this ideology. Our team of experts endeavors to meet up with your expectations and desires to get the best. Revert Clinic is one of the fastest-growing best hair transplant clinic in Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

What We Offer



The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a minimally invasive hair transplantation technique.

EYEBROW Restoration

EYEBROW Restoration

To get beautiful desirable-shaped eyebrows, go for eyebrow restoration as well as eyebrow touch-up.

Female Hair Loss Surgery

Female Hair Loss Surgery

We offers the most advanced method of minimally invasive hair restoration method that involves no hospital stays.

Beard Moustache Transplant

Beard-Moustache Transplant

If you want healthy beard-moustache, beard, facial hair transplant, is the only permanent solution for you.

Hair Transplant Repair

Hair Transplant Repair

With a deep understanding of the Hair Transplant techniques, Revert Hair Transplant Centre failed hair transplant cases.


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Before & After At Revert Clinic
Before and After At Revert Center
Before-After At Revert Centre
Before and After At Revert Center

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1. We at REVERT are absolutely transparent in calculating hair transplant cost for our clients.
2. We have developed STAMPS imitating the exact pattern we use in the transplant process.
3. This helps our client to know before the procedure the exact hair he will get.
4. Hair clinics claiming to be charging per graft are not revealing the true picture.You are getting transplant to get maximum hair.It is impossible to calculate the exact no of hair grafts transplanted on you.
5. We are offering maximum no of grafts possible in a single day sitting in a fixed cost that will cover majority of your bald area.


Hair transplant is a completely safe procedure done after anaesthetising only the part of the scalp from where hair roots are taken and transplanted.
1. It is a relatively painless procedure,person is totally comfortable,can eat,listen to music,use washroom during the procedure .
2. Can return home after the procedure and can resume office the very next day in most cases.
3. We at REVERT is the only Centre in Uttarakhand to use the world's most advanced FEATHER TOUCH TECHNOLOGY for maximum hair growth.


The most common cause is ANDROGENETIC ALOPECIA
1. Have genetic history TREATMENT
2. MEDICAL:work only in the early stage of balding;may stop hair fall and retain the hair that are present
Permanent solution.the transplanted hair are permanent,i.e.the stay for life;never fall;and need subsequent haircuts.the principle is that all of us have a zone of hair on the back and the sides of our scalp that never fall.thus,we aim at redistributing these permanent hair follicles to the area of balding where they add significant value.

CELEBRITIES like Salman Khan ,Saurav Ganguly ,Harsha Bhogle ,Sanjay Dutt ,Gautam Gambhir have all undergone HAIR TRANSPLANT to boost their carriers n looks


The most common cause is ANDROGENETIC ALOPECIA
1. Transplanted hair will be permanent,will grow and also need trimming.
2. If you're using artificial hair like wigs,they need a lot of care and maintenance and everyone will recognise its fakeness.
3. We at REVERT Hair Transplant Centre Dehradun is the only centre in Uttarakhand using the world's most advanced "Feather Touch Technology " for maximum hair growth.


Results of Hair Transplant depends on three factors:
1. There should be minimal manipulation of hair roots during their extraction .
2. The time between extraction and reimplantation should be minimum.
3. The skin should be healthy where roots are being implanted.

1. Hair roots are not even touched during extraction and implantation with the help of very innovative SAVA implanters (Only Centre in Uttarakhand to use this advanced technology)
2. The technique is faster reducing the time between extraction and implantation of hair roots.
3. The health of your scalp skin is examined by our Hair Transplant Surgeon Dr Amit Singh before any hair treatment is started.

We have nearly 100% growth rate of transplanted hair roots


1.Medical management
2. Hair Transplant
3. Artificial hair(wig,hair piece)
Medical management - Medicines will work only on thinning hair.If hair roots are completely lost,no medicine can be of any benefit in that area

HAIR TRANSPLANT - Hair Transplant can grow hair in those area where hair roots are completely lost.These hairs are natural,permanent and will also grow.

Artificial hair - Use of artificial hair will cause your existing natural hair to fall prematurely..Everybody can recognise the fakeness of wigs,their cost far exceeds the hair transplant cost in the long term.

So HAIR TRANSPLANT is the safe ,permanent and the best treatment to remove BALDNESS